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Swati's use of footwork had great impact….the depiction of various bhaav through eyes was done impressively. (translation from) Janasatta 3rd December 2009

Swati Subodh Siddhartha from India, an upcoming and talented dancer presented a brilliant Kathak dance performance at the Centre………The evening was very well enjoyed by the audience gathered at the Centre. India Cultural Centre, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

"Swati has had a liking for classical dance since childhood, it is due to this reason that she has toured internationally and nation-wide to give performances that reflect her dedication and involvement in her work" (translation from) Dainik Jagaran, 23rd July 2008

"Swati gave a grand and praiseworthy performance……..(thumri) mesmerized the audience. (translation from) Outlook Saptahik, 14th July 2008

"Swati gave an excellent display of dancing skills. Fluent hand and feet movements combined with beautiful facial expressions held the audience spellbound…." Flash

"The dance presentation by Swati on Sufi compositions based on the poetry by Amir Khusrau and Kabir was particularly beautiful" (translation from) Deshbandhu, 21st July 2008

"The bansuri & ghungat gats used in the dance had a very involving and touching effect………. The body and foot movements were very convincingly and effectively presented…….the dance presentation style was very energetic". (translation from) Janasatta, May 2007

"Swati Subodh stood out as Shrimati…" The Statesman

"Amongst the entire cast, the lead played by Swati was the best…" (Translation from) Hindustan

"Her performance was a treat to watch…" Flash

"She impressed her audience…" Indian Express


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