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Past Events:


Samantak Teerth : 16th September’ 2018

The play ‘Samantak Teerth’, gives a new perspective to the life of Shri Krishna- The Raj Yogi, The Karm Yogi and the preacher of Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta. The Mythological epic transforms to take shape in context of the present, to inspire a bright future.

Katha Kaho Jivsiddhi

As the echoes of history reverberate in our hearts, Jivsiddhi emerges as a catalyst for change, bridging the past and present. Its tales of ancient wisdom and timeless struggles ignite a flame of inspiration within us, urging us to seek innovative solutions to the monumental challenges we face today. Connecting past stories with our present. Jivsiddhi inspires us to find solutions to a big problem of our time.

Virtual Show : March 31st and April 1, 2020
Offline show at Akshara Auditorium, New Delhi : March 26th and 27th, 2021

Swayamdeepa : October 23rd, 2021

A mesmerising stage play, rooted in mythology, weaves a profound narrative that deeply resonates with the hearts of its audience. Through captivating performances and an emotionally charged storyline, this play unveils the timeless wisdom and universal themes that touch the depths of human experience.
Venue : This performance took place in the Shri Ram Center for Art and Culture at Mandi House, New Delhi.

Hindi play 'Swayamdeepa' written & directed by Dr Madhuri Subodh staged on 5th January 2018 at LTG Auditorium, New Delhi

Hindi Play 'Ghir Aaye Saanjh', written & directed by Dr Madhuri Subodh, on 24th October 2017 at Alliance Francaise de Delhi, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi

Ghir Aaye Saanjh is inspired by the life of an ambitious young woman who, in spite of her humble background, rose to staggering heights of stardom. From being a successful actress to being an astute politician, her ambitions take her from the illusionary world of on-screen glamour, to the power corridors of public office. Her soaring ambitions, interspersed with the varying shades of her personal life, and the ever changing allegiance of her close associates throws her life in a never ending maze. Madhuri Subodh's Ghir Aaye Saanjh interweaves the sublime with the headlines to create this work of fiction.

Hindi Play 'Manoveena', written & directed by Dr Madhuri Subodh, on 27th October 2017 at LTG Auditorium, Copernicus Marg, New Delhi

The story is about a simple girl's aspiration for fame and power which propels her from her humble beginnings to a flight into the deep darkness of desire, greed and deceit. Her denial of her past and her hate for the relationships that emerged from it gives her personality an abstract dimension. The girl, Manoveena, thus far an unknown face suddenly finds herself in the limelight as an alleged conspirator in the murder of her own sister. There might have been unusual reasons and uncertain intentions behind this murder which the story explores. The play interweaves this dense mesh of complicated relationships.


Aadyantara's play,'Swayamdeepa' directed by the young debutant director, Rahul Kumar & written by Dr Madhuri Subodh, was showcased at Sahitya Kala Parishad's drama festival 'Parishad Natya Samaroh' at their premises in C-3 Janakpuri, New Delhi On 17th March 2016.

'Hindi play, Mann Vrundavan, written & Directed by Madhuri Subodh. on 4th October 2015 at Epicentre, Gurgaon

The play Mann Vrundavan is a creative-reconstruction of the life and persona of Meerabai. It is a narration of Meerabai’s unrelenting and unparallel devotion for her lord, Krishna. The play is based on evidences in her poetry and in history. It attempts to showcase the life of a woman well ahead of her time as she chooses, against all odds, to live a life of her choice, that at the feet of her beloved Lord Krishna'.

Hindi Play 'Mann Vrundavan', written & directed by Madhuri Subodh, on 18th April 2015 at LTG Auditorium, Copernicus Marg, New Delhi.

Meera’s love for Lord Krishna transcends the boundary between the metaphysical and the physical resulting in her total surrender to Him. She endured all adversities for the conviction of her principles and uncompromising path of devotion. She was truly ‘liberated’ in thoughts and actions, and epitomized a woman beyond her times in a human jungle of prejudice and suppression.


Hindi play 'Swayamdeepa', directed by Madhuri Subodh at Epicentre, Gurgaon on 11th January 2015. The event was presented by Aadyantara in collaboration with Epicentre.


Hindi play 'Swayamdeepa', directed by Madhuri Subodh at Seminar Hall, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi on 14th January 2015. The event was presented by Aadyantara in collaboration with NSS Division of IIT, Delhi.

‘Swayamdeepa’, a hindi play, written & directed by Dr Madhuri Subodh, in February 2014 at Shri Ram Centre for Art & Culture, Mandi House, New Delhi

Swayamdeepa revolves around the story of Devyani, daughter of Guru Shukracharya from the Mahabharat, and through her medium reflects upon the condition of women in our society which has remained unchanged. It brings to light the dispassionate and selfish motives which make her vulnerable even in today’s times. It depicts how society is still biased to her and refuses to give her her dues for her contributions, accomplishments, and sacrifices.


Arts Express- 12th September 2022 to 4th October 2022

Through "Art Express," the dance became their voice, stories their emotions, as school students embarked on a transformative journey, unlocking the power of self-expression through a symphony of diverse art forms. From brushstrokes to poetry, music tunes to dance steps, the workshop ignited their creativity, unveiling a world where their thoughts found freedom in every artistic move. This workshop was held at Guru Nanak Garib Niwaj School, Greater Kailash, Blue Bells International School, Lajpat Nagar and South Delhi Public School, Defence Colony in Delhi in the months of September and October 2022 on different forms of art, including dance, music, theatre, storytelling, and phone photography, where students expanded their knowledge via enjoyable learn sessions.

Expressions Workshop

'Expressions Workshop', held between 26th - 29th December, for young adults. Our Gen Y needs to find their voice and verbal communication is not the only medium!!! The workshop explored alternative mediums of expression & how to bring out your true expression in a constructive way. The workshop was conducted by Rahul Kumar and coordinated by Dr Madhuri Subodh


Explaining the nuances of Indian Classical Dance, with emphasis on Kathak, for students of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies at Japan Foundation, New Delhi on 11th March, 2011


Depiction of the many forms of Krishna. India Cultural Centre (Cultural Centre of Indian Embassy) at Colombo, Sri Lanka. September 2009

Seminars & Baithaks

National seminar on 'Meerabai Samekit Punarmulyankan' on 5th August 2016 at Seminar Hall, Sahitya Akademi

Meera's love for Lord Krishna transcends the boundary between the metaphysical and the physical resulting in her total surrender to Him. Her societal standing as a married woman forbade her 'relationship' with Krishna with dire consequences, even though a similar devotion by a man was celebrated as 'Madhura bhakti'. Her resolve was tested time and again, mentally and physically, by society, however she refused to relent. She endured all adversities for the conviction of her principles and uncompromising path of devotion. She was truly 'liberated' in thoughts and actions, and epitomized a woman beyond her times in a human jungle of prejudice and suppression.

There are different schools of thoughts when it comes to Meera's poetry, which has become inseparable from her choices and her convictions in life. The seminar aimed to comprehensively re-evaluate the different layers of her poetry and her time.

Chairperson: Dr Nirmala Jain (Former Professor & Head, Hindi Department, Delhi University); Speakers: Dr Suresh Rituparna (Former Professor, Tokyo University of Foreign Language, Japan); Dr Krishna Menon (Professor, Department of Women Study, Ambedkar University); Dr Suman Kesari (Professor, ITM University, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh); Dr Kumkum Sangari (Professor, Wisconsin University); Other speakers: Dr Aruna Gupta, Dr Asha Joshi, Dr Rekha Sethi, Dr Sarika Kalra, Dr Amitesh Kumar, Dr Amish Aneja

Special Guest: Padmashri Dr Anvita Abbi (Director, Studies of Tribal Languages, Sahitya Akademi)

Seminar Moderator & Coordinator: Dr Madhuri Subodh

Aadyantara organised a seminar at Sahitya Akademi Delhi, to discuss the various plays written & directed by Dr. Madhuri Subodh where various speakers provided their perspective.
Offline baithak on ‘Rang Baithak’ to discuss the various plays written and directed by Dr. Madhuri Subodh. November 2, 2019 at Sahitya Akademi.

Virtual Baithaks

In the virtual realm, these seminars unfurl a kaleidoscope of subjects, perspectives, and forms within Hindi literature, enriching viewers with new concepts and knowledge in each session. With every online gathering, they ignite intellectual curiosity, fostering a continuous exploration that leaves attendees inspired and eager to delve deeper into the vast landscape of Hindi literary treasures.
Aadyantara's virtual baithak began in December 2020 during the epidemic, and it has been operating successfully every year for over three years. Every first or second Saturday of the month, this virtual baithak takes place.

December 12, 2020 : Hamare Samay mein Upnishad Chintan

April 10, 2021 : Ek duniya kitaabon ki, dosti karoge?

August 14, 2021 : Rang ki zameen aur samay ke sarokaar

August 13, 2022 : Swadheenta ka amrit kaal : Shiksha ka naya vihaan

November 12, 2022 : The bright and colourful world of children- A Children’s Day Special

March 18, 2023 : Lokgeet Gayan

June 10, 2023 : Sahitya samvaad

July 8, 2023 : Baal Sahitya

February 13, 2021: Pravasi Parindey - Apni zameen ki talash

May 8, 2021 : Laghukathayein

June 12, 2021 : Baal Kathakaar

September 11, 2021 : Rang ki zameen aur natakaar ki chunautiyaan

October 9, 2021 : Khushboo ki tarah mann mein basi kuch yaadein

October 22, 2021 : A Chat with cast and director of swayamdeepa

November 13, 2021 : Ateet se sammohak samvaad

December 11, 2021 : Geet- Anjali

January 8, 2022 : Kavya Sandhya

September 10, 2022: Hindi ke sarokaar aur antar-rashtriya paridrishy

January 14, 2023 : Katha samay mein stree

April 8, 2023 : Buno Kahani, Suno Kahani

May 13, 2023 : Shatarupa par charcha


Innovation and Experimentation in Indian Classical Dances’.21 November , 2009. Review.

To understand and explore the new influences those are shaping the identity of the Indian classical dance forms. The idea was to weave together different thoughts in this subject by foraying different viewpoints, and in turn attempt to define the emerging essence of this rich amalgamation

Media Coverage

Rang Baithak

Panel discussions and play reading at Triveni Kala Sangam in April 2014

The First session was a panel discussion on 'the role of words in theatre'.  Theatre personalities and scholars from the literary world participated in the dialogue. This was followed by play reading of 'Swayamdeepa', written by  Madhuri Subodh, by Aadyantara Theatre Repertory followed by open house discussion.


Samanvay : Kathak and Odissi Dance recitals : 29th November’ 2019

In a graceful union of rhythmic tales, Odissi's waves whispered while Kathak's spins echoed, as the stage became a canvas where two classical souls entwined their ancient stories.
Venue : In collaboration with Jayantika and Mayadhar Raut School of Odissi Dance, the Samanvay event was held at Triveni Kala Sangam.

Pravahaa kathak recital at the Epicentre, Gurgaon in June , 2009.

When the dance spread from the temples, the gradual shift of presentation to difficult layakaris emerged to gain patronage. Here the dancer learnt to communicate with her audience, through words and through her dance. Stories set to the base of thumri and dadra served to embellish the dancer’s bhaav. Later dance was set to musical segments like the tarana in various ragas. The recital brings out some these influences that have shaped and enriched kathak.

Yahi Madhav !: At Sai Nrityostav at Bangalore in October 2009

The recital was based on the thought of Madhav. Everything about Him is beautiful. He is beautiful, all that He created is beautiful, all that He does is beautiful. Followed by the technical nuances of Jaipur gharana style kathak with emphasis on footwork and movements set to long rhythmic parans.

Dasavtaar: By Aadyantara Dance Repertory at Haridutt Sharma Puruskaar Sammelan, Russian Cultural Centre, New Delhi. December 2009.

Dasavtaar, begins with the portrayal of the Mahavirat roop of Krishna. Lord Krishna is considered the poornavtaar, or complete incarnation of Lord Vishnu….’Krsnastu bhagwaan swayam’. The mysticism surrounding Krishna takes multidimensional hues. Brahma roop Krishna presents Himself in different forms, as depicted in Jaidev’s ‘Geetgovindam’. The ten incarnations or avtaars are– Matasya, Kashchap, Vaaraha, Narsingh, Vaman, Parushuram, Ram, Balram, Buddha and Kalki. He assures his devotees that whenever ‘adharma’ weights heavy on this earth, then to establish the order of ‘dharma’ and to protect them, He will descend on this earth again and again…… sambhavami yugae yugae, sambhavami yugae yugae. This was a unique recital as Dasavtaar has rarely been attempted in kathak.

Radha….Krishnamayi: Depiction of Krishna through the eyes of Radha as He transverses from Man Mohana to Mahabharat’s Mahapurush. November 2009.

Radha is known as Krishna’s consort. Her identity with Krishna is inseparable….she is Krishnamayi. Her life, her world, her being revolves around Krishna. She however disappears in history once Krishna leaves Vrindavan. She is rarely spoken or written about after this phase of Krishna’s life. ‘Radha….Krishnamayi’ shows her journey as a witness to Krishna’s life, and in turn a witness to her own life. It is a story about Krishna through Radha.

Yahi Madhav !: By Aadyantara Dance Repertory at Vedvyas Sangeet Nrutyotsav, Rourkela, Odisha. November 2009

The recital was based on the thought of Madhav. Everything about Him is beautiful. He is beautiful, all that He created is beautiful, and all that He does is beautiful. Followed by the technical nuances of Jaipur gharana style kathak with emphasis on footwork and movements set to long rhythmic parans.

Rang-Colours of Devotion: A creative expression of sufi and bhakti poetry in kathak. at Triveni kala Sangam in June 2008 ,New Delhi.

Over the years, man has conceived and depicted God in various colours of imagination. From being the highest and most powerful entity to being a friend, a confidant, a mate. Rang-Colours of Devotion is an amalgamation of this portrayal by poets over different eras. It is a journey of Sufi and Bhakti compositions of some of the greatest poets and poetesses spanning between the 13th and 16th century.

Govindam at the Habitat World, India Habitat Centre in May 2008, New Delhi.

Govindam is Krishna, of all the mystical gods; the multidimensionality of Govinda’s character has opened the doors of imaginations of one and many to their own interpretations. Govindam-the kathak recital, encompassed the facets of Krishna as depicted in Jayadev’s famous composition Dasavatara from Geetagovindam.

Aadyantara Publications

Launch of e-magazine : Shatarupa

Announcement : April 2023 (starting of the month)

In each quarterly edition, Shatarupa e-magazine weaves a tapestry of emotions, cultures, and perspectives, bridging the distance for those abroad, while enveloping readers in the embrace of home through a fresh and captivating touch of Hindi literature and poetry with every turn of the digital page. From poignant verses to immersive stories, it invites readers on a journey where words transcend borders, painting a vibrant canvas of emotions and connecting hearts with the essence of Hindi literature.

Shatarupa: Third Issue

Third issue : 15 August 2023 (July-August-September)
Title : Rangmanch Visheshank

Shatarupa: Second Issue

Second issue : 4 June 2023 (April-May-June)
Title: Pravasi Sahitya Lekhan Visheshank

Shatarupa : First Issue

First Issue : 30th April 2023 (Jan-Feb-March
Title: Stree Lekhan par kendrit

The launch of the script release of 'Mann Vrundavan' on 5th August 2016 at Seminar Hall, Sahitya Akademi in the presence of Padmashri Dr Anvita Abbi (Director, Studies of Tribal Languages, Sahitya Akademi) & Dr Nirmala Jain (Former Professor & Head, Hindi Department, Delhi University)

Launch of ‘Aadyantara Publications’ and book release of ‘Swayamdeepa’, written by Dr Madhuri Subodh, on 25th April 2014.


Dr. Madhuri Subodh, an accomplished writer, skillfully weaves the threads of mythology and modernity in her captivating books. With a collection of over six books, she effortlessly brings alive the essence of ancient tales while seamlessly integrating contemporary themes. Her upcoming release is eagerly anticipated by readers who appreciate her unique ability to balance tradition and innovation. Beyond her books, Dr. Subodh's insightful articles delve into various cultural aspects, offering readers a glimpse into the profound truths that lie within their own heritage. Her literary prowess illuminates the timeless connection between past and present, ensuring the preservation of rich cultural narratives for generations to come.



Mann Vrindavan

Pyaar bhara sparsh

Samantak Teerth

Katha Kaho Jivsiddhi

Upcoming Books

Tenali Raman (Un-Published)