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Annual Events

Young Artists’ Festival: Showcasing the talent of young artists across different art forms

Art One-on-One: In this mentorship program, young artists will be given the opportunity to interact and learn the nuances of various arts from expert and senior artists of the field.

Art Camp: Amateur and professional artist come together to work on a theme and present their work at the end of the camp

Culture Curry: In today’s scenario it is imperative to amalgamate the traditional and contemporary to make it relevant to today’s audience. Adaptations, while being rooted, are essential for the propagation and continuity of any art form. In CC, various artists of different backgrounds will come together to produce their unique perspectives using different media.

Aahvaahan: Workshop series organized for school and college students

Art Tech: Technological advances have collapsed the physical space around us and global villages have emerged where a ripple resonates thousands of miles away in a matter of seconds. Under Art Tech we attempt to integrate technological advancements and digital media for propagation and enrichment of art forms.

SITA (Social Impact Through Arts) Initiative: Enabling channels of expression to individuals in resource limited settings, especially children, who are most impressionable due to adverse socio-cultural factors. Thus art can be a powerful social tool for change and impact.