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Young Artists’ Festival:
Performing arts present a strong medium of storytelling and expression. In the past Aadyantara has organized many dance recitals, both for abroad and within India. The Aadyantara Dance Repertory, led by dancer Swati Subodh, has performed at various venues to widespread acclaim.            
Festivals & Art Camps
Workshops & Seminars
Aadyantara has presented workshops for students of dance and literature, both in India and abroad. These workshops have been organized in association with organizations like the Japan Foundation and India Culture Centre at Colombo, Sri Lanka. view more
The endeavor is to bring together different viewpoints from various art styles onto a common platform. The views and opinions by various invited guests of imminence in their respective fields, and art enthusiasts will enable understanding of the evolving nature of the Indian arts and its appreciation and relevance in today’s age.          
Social Impact through Arts (SITA) Initiative:
Our world is changing rapidly and the space between different sections of society is shrinking. If we have to progress as a society it is imperative to have ‘collective inclusion’ of all these sections and address the challenges faced by any particular section as a societal issue. Increasing co-dependence and daily interactions makes it impossible to label any issue as ‘class specific’. Besides other factors, it is important to bridge the ‘mind gap’ between these sections so that we all co-evolve in a mutually secure and progressive society. Aadyantara’s SITA Initiative, launched in April 2014, is a step in this direction. By drawing upon the common threads of art & culture, the SITA Initiative aims to address and unknot these very complicated and intertwined social issues.

The medium of Arts is a powerful one and people connect with this on a personal level. Besides highlighting the need to preserve the art forms as means of traditional inheritance, it is equally important to highlight arts as tools for enhancing self control, self empowerment and mental focus. Secondly, it’s a wonderful medium for verbal and non-verbal communication and can be accessed for raising awareness to societal issues.
Literary Arts & Publication:
The impact of the written word, both through print and digital media, is immense. Aadyantara uses these mediums to engage writers, youth, children and general public on various topics from time to time. In the near future we will come out with periodic newsletters and books addressing specific areas of art. Recently Aadyantara launched its own publication division which will be involved in these activities.
The first book published under Aadyantara Publications, ‘Swayamdeepa’ written by Dr Madhuri Subodh, was released in April this year. ‘Swayamdeepa’ or self enlightened is a women centric play based on the story of Devyani, daughter of Guru Shukracharya from the great epic Mahabharat.
The second book, ‘Man mera Vrindavan’ by Dr Madhuri Subodh, is expected to be released by the end of the year. The play depicts the life and work of the famous bhakti poetess, Meera. In addition to Meera’s poems, the play will include original poems and compositions by Dr Subodh. view more 
Dr. Madhuri Subodh budding directors Fellowship :
The fellowship was launched in January 2023. It is an initiative by Aadyantara to promote original Hindi Plays & theatre for upcoming theatre directors who have a keen interest in Hindi Plays & Theatre. With this fellowship Aadyantara is providing support and opportunity to promising directors, assistant directors & actors across India who can take up challenging scripts for their next production.

The first winner of the fellowship is Mr. Nilesh Kumar
Duration : 6 months (June 2023 to November 2023)
Arts Express :
Through "Art Express," the dance became their voice, stories their emotions, as school students embarked on a transformative journey, unlocking the power of self-expression through a symphony of diverse art forms. From brushstrokes to poetry, music tunes to dance steps, the workshop ignited their creativity, unveiling a world where their thoughts found freedom in every artistic move.

This workshop was held at Guru Nanak Garib Niwaj School, Greater Kailash, Blue Bells International School, Lajpat Nagar and South Delhi Public School, Defence Colony in Delhi in the months of September and October 2022 on different forms of art, including dance, music, theatre, storytelling, and phone photography, where students expanded their knowledge via enjoyable learn sessions.
Shatarupa :
In each quarterly edition, Shatarupa e-magazine weaves a tapestry of emotions, cultures, and perspectives, bridging the distance for those abroad, while enveloping readers in the embrace of home through a fresh and captivating touch of Hindi literature and poetry with every turn of the digital page. From poignant verses to immersive stories, it invites readers on a journey where words transcend borders, painting a vibrant canvas of emotions and connecting hearts with the essence of Hindi literature.
Virtual Baithak:
In the virtual realm, these seminars unfurl a kaleidoscope of subjects, perspectives, and forms within Hindi literature, enriching viewers with new concepts and knowledge in each session. With every online gathering, they ignite intellectual curiosity, fostering a continuous exploration that leaves attendees inspired and eager to delve deeper into the vast landscape of Hindi literary treasures.

Aadyantara's virtual baithak began in December 2020 during the epidemic, and it has been operating successfully every year for over three years. Every first or second Saturday of the month, this virtual baithak takes place.