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Aadyantara celebrates its 10th Anniversary this year.      Navodaya-Young Classical Dancer's Festival on 28th January 2018 at India International Centre, New Delhi


Aadyantara started its activities in April 2007. It was conceptualized with the objective of promotion of performing, literary and visual arts of India. Besides working directly with artists, we foster mutual co-operation, and common action among various individuals, groups and organizations engaged in promotion of Indian art and culture in the country. Aadyantara is instrumental in organizing performances, workshops, seminars etc related to the Indian arts An important aspect is also to establish cooperation and linkages with other networks, forums and associations We have organized dance recitals and seminars featuring some of the prominent artists of the field. These productions have found appreciation from audiences and experts, both in India and abroad ...

At Aadyantara, our endevour is to provide a platform for creative collisions between different art forms, its artists and audiences; and thereby catalyze cultural, aesthetic and social symbiosis. Looking ahead, it aims to find a larger audience among the youth for showcasing the art forms, both traditional and contemporary, to make it more relevant in the present context.

Aadyantara is unison of two Sanskrit words, “Aadya” and “Antara”. "Adya" means the nucleus or primal power .

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News & Updates

  • Aadyantara's presentation 'Navodaya' covered in Janasatta. Click here
  • Navodaya-Young Classical Dancers' Festival at IIC, New Delhi on 28th January 2018. Click here
  • Watch Behind the Scenes of our hindi play 'Ghir Aaye Saanjh'. Click here


Performing Arts

Performing arts present a strong medium of storytelling and expression. In the past Aadyantara has organized many dance recitals

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Festivals & Art Camps

Amateur and professional artist come together to work on a theme and present their work at the end of the camp

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Workshops & Seminars

Aadyantara has presented workshops for students of dance and literature, both in India and abroad. These workshops have been organized in .

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Social Impact Through Arts

Our world is changing rapidly and the space between different sections of society is shrinking. If we have to progress as a society it is imperative to

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Literary Arts & Publication

The impact of the written word, both through print and digital media, is immense. Aadyantara uses these mediums to engage writers, youth,

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